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Create your personalised greeting card in easy steps:

  1. Select the base
  2. Select a template
  3. Add clipart
  4. Add a personal message 
  5. Add shapes
  6. Upload your own image
  7. At checkout. add a personal message to go inside your card
– 1000's of clipart images to choose from
– 1000's of photo images to choose
– 900 different fonts to select from
– Create a greeting card for any occasion
– Guide on how to create a greeting card

You create, we print and post for you.

Beautiful handmade unique greeting cards to cover every occasion.  Add a personal message and we will post to the recipient for  you.

At Snapcards you can send a card every year, bi-monthly or six months.  Never forget an an occasion, add a personal message and we will post each time for you. 

Send a eCard, add a personal message and we send your card within 2 hours to the recipient.  A quick and easy solution if you are running late to acknowledge that special occasion.