Creating your Card in steps

January 4, 2024 By Virginia Reali 0

Step 1:  Select the product base.  You can choose from a blank card in either a horizontal or vertical element, or you can select a patterned background.

Step 2:  You can add elements such as clipart, images, shapes or text.  As well, you can also upload your own images – please ensure they are 300dpi for printing.

Step 3:  You can resize, rotate, duplicate or delete the elements
design a card

Step 4:  You can add in more elements, such as text.  To recolour your text, click on the paint pot in the top right or the design area.
greeting cards online
Step 5:  If you have more than one element added, you can rearrange the layers to send one backwards or bring one layer forward.

Step 6: To align your elements, such as set to the left, right or center in the editing area, click on the 9 small dots next to the adjust layer icon.

As you are designing your card, you will see up at the top the cost of the card will show.  Some elements have small charges and as you add these this cost will adjust.

You can save your design to come back later to complete:

  1. Click on the background of your card and you will see “Save to Design”, click on that and then when the pop up opens click on add.  Your design will then be saved.
  2. When you come back, click on a customise anywhere in the website and you will then be able to click on My Designs to retrieve your card.

Some Tips

If you have an element with a coloured background, try adding square shape behind it and fill it with the colour in the background of the element.  Check out the video to see how it is done